Monday, October 12, 2009

Trip to the Zoo

This past weekend - We loaded up and went to the zoo. We went with Tammi, Peiton, Colby, Jake, Milea, and Bryson. The kids had a great time except Karson got stung over the eye by a yellow jacket. Yep - the crying lasted about 45 min and the whole right side of her faced swelled up and stayed swollen for 2 days. Otherwise - we had a good time. We even got to see baby George.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Karson's 3rd Birthday

Our sweet baby girl turned 3 years old on September 17th. My how time flies. We never imagined what joy this little one would bring into our lives. She is truly a blessing. She is changing so much every day and I am trying so hard to cherish every moment. I wanted to share a few pictures from when she was first born and then of course from her birthday parties.
Unfortunately - it rained for her big party but the kids had fun playing in the rain. My mom rented a huge blow-up train that they could jump in and slide down. As you can imagine - it got
really slippery and the kids were a mess.

Karson and Garrison playing in the rain
Look at those calf muscles!
My dad and Cathy got Karson this Hummer. She loves it. Gunner loved chasing her too.

Sleep Over

Karson had a sleep over Friday night. Peiton and Colby came to stay with us and the next day we went to the Zoo. They had a great time.

Scratch my Belly

Poor little Hogan. His life was so simple before Karson arrived.

I'm Not Too Big!

Yes - Karson still likes to take baths in the kitchen sink. She uses the whole bottle of soap washing her baby. She washes every inch of that baby and talks to her the whole time saying, "baby, you gotta be still so I can wash you. Baby, I'm gonna put this soap in your eyes but it won't burn. Baby, hold your head back and I won't get water in your eyes." She talks constantly!!

Wee Worship

Karson goes to Wee Worship at our church on Sunday evenings. A few weeks ago, they sang two songs in front of the church. I honestly did not think she would stand up on the stage but she did. She even did a few of the hand motions and at least moved her mouth some. Karson has not been to Wee Worship the last 2 weeks because she had a bad cold one week and then she went to her cousin's birthday party the next week. Hopefully we will get back in a routine next week.