Sunday, December 28, 2008

Christmas Morning

Karson woke up Christmas morning excited to see what Santa had brought her. When we went downstairs and she saw her kitchen, she acted really shy at first - like she did not know what to think. We kept telling her Santa had brought her the kitchen and she would just smile. She quickly warmed up and the playing began. The kitchen is great because it makes all kinds of noises. The microwave and phone make all kinds of sounds and when she puts her pot on the stove it lights up and makes boiling and frying sounds. She loves it! She wants us to sit down and and she will cook all her food and feed it to us. Lets just say - we're stuffed!!

Christmas with Family

We spent Christmas Eve at my Mom's house and then Christmas Day at Dyran's parent's house. Karson loved all the excitement. Here are just a few of the many pictures taken.

Dyran, his brother (Bryan), and his dad

(Clayton) got these chiller killers for

Christmas and decided to pose for a picture.

Karson's great uncle Denny

Tinker Bell stickers from Santa. Silly Girl!!!

Party with the Girls

The Monday before Christmas - we had a Christmas party at our house for Dyran's basketball team. We had a house full of middle school girls, but I must say they were very well behaved and we had a great time - Karson especially. She loved playing with them and really took up with Kayla Newman (holding Karson below).

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Playing with Garrison

Garrison came over this past Sunday to play. I did not get many pictures of them playing but I snapped a few during snack time and resting time. As many of you know Karson has two pink dogs named La La. It was suppose to be Ella but she has shortened that to La La. She plays with La La's tail when she is tired or drinking and she has to have both of them. We were really surprised but she let Garrison have one and he played with its ear. It was so cute!!

New Trampoline

Karson got this cool trampoline for Christmas, from my dad. When she jumps it will play music our count and she absolutely loves it.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Karson's Christmas Tree

We put a Christmas tree in Karson's play room. She is so proud of this tree. She loved decorating it - mostly with balls since her ornament collection is very small . We got her an ornamanent at the Fantasy of the Trees so she was excited to add it to her tree. As soon as we get home she runs in the room to plug it up. When anyone comes over she wants to show them her tree.

Dancing Santa

One of the nurse practitioners I work with (Lisa) let me borrow this dancing Santa. She thought Karson would like it and she was right. The Santa sings and moves its hips back and forth. Karson would snap her fingers as it was singing. She also loved to kiss santa. Thanks Lisa!!

Wrapping Presents

Karson loved helping me wrap presents. She mostly liked cutting up the wrapping paper, putting the sticker labels all over the presents, and writing all over the presents. When I was taking pictures I kept telling her to smile but she would show me her teeth instead.

Party at Our House

Last week the 5th grade teachers came to our house for a Christmas Party. Before everyone arrived, Karson kept saying, "I want people to come, where the people." When they did arrive, she was a little slow to warm up but Monique (in middle below) brought Karson a that loosened her up. Monique was her best friend after that. She got a book, a lion puppet and this tiger mask. She loved the mask and kept wanting to see herself in the mirror. We had lots of good food and played "dirty santa." Karson liked opening everyone's gift.

Crystel, Karson, Monique, Mendy

Bledsoe Thanksgiving

The Bledsoe family has Thanksgiving at Springbrook gym. The family is so big so that is the most convenient place to get everyone together. It also keeps all the kids busy and they love it. These are some of Karson's cousins.

Colby, Peiton, Karson, and Emma

Colby, Emma, Peiton, Karson, Garrison