Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Karate Karson

Ms. Maples got Karson this Karate outfit. When we were putting it on her she said, "is it Halloween?"

"I Can Do It"

Karson is going through a stage where she wants to do everything by herself. She says, "Karson do it." She wants to dress herself and take her clothes off herself but she always gets her shirts stuck on her head. She thinks this is so funny and has to look at herself in the mirror.

A Trip to the Park

A few weekends ago we took Karson, Peiton, and Colby to Alcoa Elementary School and let them play on the playground. It was really windy but they had fun. We then came back to the house and they all piled up to watch Tom and Jerry (Karson's favorite show right now).

Friday, February 6, 2009

Spring Fever!

Tonight Karson wanted to try on some of her summer dresses. She actually tried on almost all her summer clothes. She had to stand up on the bathroom counter and look at herself with each outfit. She loved this pink dress and wanted to show off her sunglasses as well.

Yummy Yummy!!

A few days ago Karson saw me eating an apple with peanut butter. She didn't seem very interested at the time. Tonight when we got home she asked for an apple and peanut buttter. I cut the apple in slices and put a little bit of peanut butter on each slice. She ate the whole thing! She loved it! I had to keep telling her not to stuff her mouth so full. As you can see she did not always listen.

"Baby Feels All So Better"

Karson likes to take her babies to the potty so they can "pee pee." Well - a few days ago she brought her baby back from the bathroom and this is what she showed me. She said, "see mom, baby feels all so better." In case you can't tell - this is "butt paste." When I put this on her bottom I say, "this will make you feel all better," so she decided the baby needed to feel all better.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Snow Day

Karson was fascinated with the snow. The first thing she said when we went outside was, "it's fallin on my head." Her favorite part was trying to catch the flakes with her tongue.

Blount County Champs

As many of you know, Dyran coaches varsity girl's basketball at Alcoa. Last week they won the Blount County Championship (YEA!!). Karson loves going to Daddy's games and as you can see she makes herself right at home. I also must add that Dyran won Coach of the Year - we are proud of you Daddy!!


Dyran taught Karson how to call a foul in basketball. She ran through the house all evening blowing that whistle and holding her hand up in the air. Needless to say - we were glad when she ran out of air!

Pee Pee Time

Karson is really interested in the potty now. She poops in the potty really well (most of the time) - pee pee is another issue. Here she was letting her baby pee pee. Of course she had to wipe the baby's bottom too!!

Helping Mom

Karson loves to help me in the kitchen. As most of you moms know, the help is not always wanted (ha ha). I have a little two step ladder that she stands on and and she thinks she is really big. Of course most of what she touches ends up in the floor. We were making sausage balls here and she loved putting her hands in it.

Nap Time

I came home one day to this picture. All three of them sacked out. How cute are they?

Look at Those Legs!!

Karson and Garrison love to run around in their diapers. They were both eating popcicles, standing in front of the TV and I just had to snap a picture.