Sunday, February 28, 2010

Baby Bella

My friend Molly, who is a pediatric nurse practitioner, went to Haiti to help provide medical care to the children. Well - God had bigger plans. She fell in love with this baby girl and a long, long story short - Baby Bella is now here with Molly and she is going to adopt her. Bella was very, very sick but is doing much better. She is almost 17 months old and as you can see, she is tiny. It is just a miracle that she is now safe and loved. This past weekend, we went to a baby shower for Molly and Bella. Karson just had to pick something out for Bella, so after much looking at Baby's R Us, she found this little pink pig. When you pulled its tail - its face lit up and it played music. Bella loved it.

Wee Ball

Karson is going to play Wee Ball this year. We were going to wait until next year, because she is actually a little too young, but she really wanted to play. She especially wanted to play when she heard Garrison and Keaton (her cousins) were playing. So - we made a trip to Dicks and got all her gear - cleats, helmet, glove, and bat. We took her to the ballpark last weekend and let her play on the field and hit some balls off the tee. She actually did pretty good. Her favorite thing, of course, is playing in the dirt.

Carrying handfuls of dirt
Drawing in the dirt

Karson and Popee