Wednesday, April 13, 2011

The Newest Member of the Family

Last week we adopted Lizzy in to our family. She is a Jack Russell/Yorkie mix. I don't see much Yorkie in her now but will be interesting to see how she changes as she gets bigger. Karson is absolutely in LOVE with this dog, and I think the feeling is mutual. I was not that enthused about getting another dog after we had to put Hogan to sleep, but when I see Karson and Lizzy together...I'm glad we got her. As my mom said...."every kid needs a dog." Lizzy is doing great. We are crate training her and it is going really well. Believe it or not - no accidents in the house yet. Keep your fingers crossed that she will be easy to train.

Just LOVE this picture

Karson's New Baby Cousin

Dyran's cousin and my dear friend (Milea) had a precious baby girl. Her name is Paisley and Karson can not get enough of her. During one of our visits, I took some pictures so thought I would share a few. Well...maybe more than a few. You know me and pictures. Unfortunately I did not get pictures of Paisley's older brother (Bryson), but stay of the two of them to come.

Proud Momma!