Thursday, November 20, 2008

Fall Pictures

Our friend Paige took our pictures at Maryville College a few weeks ago. It was freezing cold the day we took them but Karson did great. We think they turned out great and wanted to share them with everyone.

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Ho Ho Pajamas

As many of you know, Karson is fascinated with "Ho Ho." She just had to have these pajamas and she wants to wear them or her "tinkle bell" pajamas every night.

Our Trip To See Santa

Karson has been talking about "Ho Ho" for weeks now. We have Ho Ho movies and books and she is just fascinated with him. We have been talking about how Ho Ho will come to the mall and she can sit on his lap. She has been so excited and almost every day she has been asking to go see "Ho Ho." Well - the day finally came. This past Saturday - we went to Foothills Mall to see "Ho Ho." I put a Christmas dress on her and she said, "show Ho Ho how pretty I am." As we approached Santa, her legs stiffened up around me. We got up to him and he started talking to her. Well - she put that head down and started bawling. "I want to go home," she said. He scared her to death. She was actually shaking she was so scared. Needless to say she did not sit on Ho Ho's lap. She then wanted to go play at the little playground in the mall. She loves to play in that thing. She had tights on but I had to take them off at the playground because they were so slick she could not climb on anything. As you can see below - she decides to show off her belly to everyone. I try not to think about all the germs at that playground, but you better believe I am santizing her like crazy when we leave. On our way home we were talking about Ho Ho and I asked her why she did not sit in his lap. She said, "no like Ho Ho." She still likes to watch movies about him and read about him in books but I guess the real thing was too much. Maybe next year!

New Rocking Horse

Karson's Papa (my dad) got her this rocking horse at Cracker Barrel. When she pushes the horses ears, it neighs and moves it head. She loves it!


Mom and I took Karson to Salon Nouvelle to get a haircut. She had not had her hair cut since she was about 1 year old. As you can probably tell from the pictures, she had been crying. When we first walked into the salon, she realized we were in a very unfamiliar place and it was loud with all the blow dryers going. She started crying and saying, "I wanna go home." Once we got her sat down and Deborah put the cape around her - she was ok. She sat as still as a mouse while she cut her hair. We just barely got her ends tipped but it looks better.

Gotta Love Those Sunglasses

Karson found my sunglasses and just had to wear them around the house. She kept saying, "look at me mama, look at me daddy - I got gasses on."

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Trick or Treat

Karson was a bee for Halloween. She was soooo cute and very excited to show everyone her costume. The black nose was great while it lasted but she rubbed her face at one point and smeared it everywhere. After that she would not let me put it back on. We first visited my family (Nanny, Granddad, MeMe, Uncle Denny, Aunt Jane, and cousin Cody). We then met Keith, Katie, and Garrison in St. Ives Subdivision and went trick-or-treating. Garrison was Superman. Karson made me carry her up to the doors but then she would get down and hold her bucket out for the candy. As we walked away from the houses she would hold out her bucket and say, "look dad, I got more candy." After trick-or treating, we took Karson to see her other MeMe (Dyran's mom) and Popee. Of course she got candy there too. We all had a great time!