Sunday, January 31, 2010

Snow 2010

Karson had a great time playing in the snow. She made snow angels all over our yard.

A Tent on the Bed

I was trying to keep Karson content while I was getting ready today so I built this tent on the bed. She stayed in there a good 45 minutes watching Max and Ruby on her DVD player. She got creative and put a pillow in front of the opening and said that was her door.

Poor Hogan

Karson is going through a stage where she wants Hogan to be with her all the time. She wants him to sit with her while she eats, sit with her on the couch, go in her playroom while she is playing and as you can see she even tries to put him in her stroller. The poor dog doesn't get a break.

Thursday, January 28, 2010


I just wanted to let everyone know that my mom is leaving for Haiti next week. She will be going as part of a medical team to provide surgical services to the people who were injured in the earthquake. Although she is very excited about this opportunity, it is also a little scary. I would just like for everyone to keep her in their prayers. They really don't know what to expect once there, but she recently found out that they will more than likely be in a hospital with electricity and running water, so that is a plus. Of course it is very, very hot there and most places have no AC and the conditions are very bad. They are not sure about food availability, sleeping arrangements, security, or much of anything else. She is going to try and keep friends and family updated on facebook so if you are interested in staying updated - request her to be a friend.

Soap Suds

Karson was helping me do dishes tonight and she got a little silly with the soap suds. Not to mention to hat. She ran upstairs and put this hat on and said "I have to wear it to keep my hair out of my face."

Third Year In A Row

Dyran's basketball team won the Blount County Championship for the 3rd year in a row and Dyran also won Coach of the Year for the 2nd year in a row. He had such a good group of girls and good, supportive parents. It made the season very fun.

As you can see - Karson is right in the mix. With Kayla of course!

Tara, Kayla, Dyran, and Hanna

Kayla, Jim Kirk (principal of Alcoa Middle), and Tara
Kayla got Blount County Player of the Year

Karson and Kayla

Karson, Jim and Dyran

Kayla and Tara - All Blount County Team

Sue Martin (Dyran's assistant coach)

Bet You've Never Seen This

No - you are not seeing things. Those are lady bugs. Not sure if anyone else had a few hundred (ok I am exaggerating) lady bugs move in with them - but we did. Well, Karson thinks they are the cutest things ever and wants to treat them like pets. She makes them houses in our Tupperware bowels, leaves lettuce on the counter for them and even gave them one of her cupcakes. Most of the ladybugs have now died - but she says, "Oh, they are all sleeping so good."

Karson's New Obsession

She LOVES to cook. The good thing - she also likes to clean up!

Say Cheese!!

Pretty Nails

Karson thinks she is so big. She had to paint her nail and toes, and of course mine too.

Karson loves.......

wrestling with Daddy and watching herself on the video camera.

Saturday, January 2, 2010

An Interesting Christmas

Karson started feeling bad the Tuesday before Christmas. Wednesday morning at 3:30am, Karson's temperature got up to 104.7 so we made a trip to Children's ER. The doctor felt she had Strep even though her rapid strep test came back negative. They gave her a shot of PCN and sent us home. Well - she got worse. By Christmas Eve, she was one sick girl. Her temperature would not go down and she started chilling really bad. So - we went back to the ER at 7pm Christmas Eve. They did the flu test and an RSV test - negative. They finally took blood and discovered she had mycoplasma, which is walking pneumonia. They gave her a dose of Erythromycin and then we continued it for 5 more days. We got home around 1am Christmas morning. She was feeling better by Christmas morning so she at least did get to enjoy her Santa gifts. All in all - it was a very interesting Christmas. Although - I kept telling myself, it could have been a whole lot worse so I am thankful for that. Oh - by the way, Karson did get her orange La La but somehow I never got a picture of it.
This is Karson in the emergency room at Children's. See how flushed her cheeks were. She felt just awful.
Christmas morning
She absolutely loves this easel
This baby is so neat. It is newborn size so Karson got some newborn clothes from Santa so she can change her baby's clothes
Karson and Dyran putting together her tent
The finished product! You can see her through the window lounged back in her chair.

Hungry Hippo!!
Mom made Karson a playroom at her house. When Karson walked in, she got to see her new kitchen set and table and chairs.