Friday, May 21, 2010

A few Snapshots

My cousin (Cody) is in photography school and took these shots of Karson. He really did a great job. Thanks Cody!!

Karson and her Granddad

Karson LOVES her Granddad


Last week my mom and I took Karson to Dollywood. If you recall from last year's beach trip, Karson would not ride any of the rides. Well - what a difference a year makes. She rode everything she was tall enough for. She loved it all except the River Rampage. She did not like it one bit because she did know the waterfalls were going to cut off before we got to them and she just did not like that water coming in on her. She LOVED the swings which really surprised me because they go pretty high. I am a wuss when it comes to the rides because if I get dizzy, I feel sick. I do ok on the things like the scrambler but the swings....too much for me.

She was one tired girl

We Sold Our House!!

Well - less than 30 days in real estate and our house is SOLD. Thanks Tia Cooper Ridout (our agent)! She was GREAT by the way. I have seriously neglected my blog but this moving is pure work. We have been so very busy that I have barely taken pictures, much less had time to download them. We are finally settled so now I can catch up. We officially sold the house in mid April. We are buying my great greatmother's old house and are going to remodel and add on to it. We won't start the construction until June so stay tuned for lots of before and after pictures. There is a lot we want to do to the house over time but this will be the first and biggest phase. Here are a few pictures of the moving process.

Our Temporary Home

Until we get our house remodeled and the addition put on, we are living in a condo in Maryville. Our friends own the condo and what a blessing it was that the condo was empty and in need of someone to move it. It is so very perfect for us. It is really quite amazing how perfect it is. It even came furnished with really neat bunk beds that Karson just loves. Our furniture fit in every room perfectly and it even has a 3rd bedroom that we made into Karson's playroom (sorry, did not get a picture of it). Oh yea, it also has a little sun room on the back and a huge fenced-in patio. Karson made the transition very well. She asked to go back to "our old house" a few times but she now calls this home. AND - guess what.....No Yard Work! Someone comes and mows the yard, mulches, trims the bushes, and even pressure washes the driveway and patio. All I can say is, thank you Lord...We are truly blessed.

I LOVE this laundry room. Sorry...a little messy

I'm Not Too Big

I am LOVIN the laundry room in this condo. I have never had a sink like this and of course Karson wanted to take a bath in it. She actually fits in it pretty good and it sure does beat bending over the tub. You also might notice the tattoos on her arms. They are rub-on of course but she thought they were the coolest things ever.

"Show me your muscles."

Checkin It Out

We bought this crate for Hogan to stay in while we are gone during the day. Well... guess who had to check it out first?