Sunday, June 20, 2010

I Can Swim

Karson finally learned to swim with no water wings (YEA)... but only under water. When she comes up for air - she stops swimming. She is only swimming short distances but this is definitely progress. At the beginning of the Summer, she would not put her face in the water and would not even let us put a mask on her face. Now - she loves to wear her mask and will even go under water and sit on the bottom of the shallow end. We are so proud of her!!

Getting rings off the bottom of the pool

Blowing bubbles

I am sure she was trying to shoot someone

Leaning back to get the hair off her face

Cutest Toosh Ever

More Dollywood Fun

This past week, Dyran and I took Karson to Dollywood again. We have season passes and I must say we have gotten our money's worth. Karson just loves it. By the way - the ride in the backgroud of this pictures is the coolest thing ever. You can't see it but behind the fan - those people are getting drenched by the waterfall.
Getting cooled off!

I Finally Learned....

to french braid. Dyran's cousin (Milea) is the french braid queen. I was all the time asking Milea to french braid Karson's hair. I even had her go into Karson's class at church one Sunday and do it. Finally - I thought it was past time I learn how to do this myself. After some patient teaching - "I DID IT." Thanks Milea!! This was the first time I actually finished and I was pretty proud of myself. Karson loves this "lightening bolt" down the middle of her head.

Friday, June 4, 2010

Finally - I'm in a picture!!

I was looking through my blog and noticed that I am in very few pictures. Wonder why - maybe because I am the only one who takes pictures, and it is hard to take a picture of myself:) Anyone else have this problem? Well - I took care of that. I had Dyran snap these pictures of Karson and I, and even Hogan got in on the action. I am going to try and do better and just make other people take pictures.

It's That Time Again

Time to go swimming. Karson absolutely LOVES the pool. We can't believe how much she has grown this year. Last year, she could not touch the bottom of the shallow end. This year - she can stand flat-footed with her whole head above water. She has her water wings on in these pictures but since these pictures were taken, we have given up the water wings since she can touch bottom. She is making a lot of progress and she is SOOO close to swimming on her own. She will put her face in the water and go all the way under with her mask on. I take her in the deep (where she can't touch) and she will swim with just one of my hands under her close. Hopefully she will be swimming like a fish before Summer ends.

Getting ready to put her face in the water

A Fun Day

Last week I took Karson, Peiton and Colby to Dollywood. heard right. I took the three of them by myself. They were perfect angels and we had a great day. I lathered them all in sunscreen, put Karson in her big stroller, had Peiton and Colby hold on to each side of the stroller and off we went. The 4 of us rode all the rides together - Karson and I together and Peiton and Colby together. As you can see I was not able to take many pictures...I had my hands full enough. On the way home, Peiton and I were cracking up at the two sleepy heads.