Sunday, March 29, 2009

Playing with Garrison

Saturday we went to the park with Garrison and Keith. When we walked back to MeMe and Popee's house, Karson and Garrison wanted to get on their daddy's shoulders. How cute are they? Karson and Garrison are only 3 months apart and they get along great.

My New Playset

This is Karson's new playset from Nanny and Granndad. She loves it!

Friday, March 27, 2009

More Outside Fun

We have been spending a lot of time outside with the warmer weather. Yesterday Karson and I went to West Town and bought her some new bows at Baby Bundles. I got a bigger size than she usually wears and at first I thought they were too big but I think they look pretty good in these pictures. I must admit that I am kinda bow obsessed. I actually took a bag full of her Summer clothes to match up the exact colors. Please tell me that someone else has done this!! After shopping we came back home for a full afternoon of outside playtime. If you visit the blog regulary you know that Karson got a new red tricycle a few weeks back. Well - she has decided she likes her old tricycle better - the one we got a garage sale for $5. Go Figure!!

Enjoying The Warm Weather

We have been taking advantage of the warmer weather. We can hardly keep Karson indoors, not even to eat. She wants to be outside constantly. I took a few pictures, ok a lot of pictures, and I was really pleased with how they turned out. I am always amazed at how blue her eyes are.

Do We Have a Golfer?

Dyran is very pleased that for right now, Karson loves golf. When she is outside, she always wants to get her golf club. She actually hits it really well. Dyran taught her how to set up and follow through. See for yourself - her technique is pretty good! We just hope she continues to enjoy it. This Spring and Summer we are hoping to make a few trips to the golf course. She will probably enjoy riding the cart more than anything.

Car Wash!

Karson loved helping daddy wash his truck. Her favorite part was getting her hands all soapy. By the time they were done, she was soaking wet.

Loving Hogan

Karson drives Hogan absolutely crazy trying to hold him and hug him. She does not understand that Hogan is terrified of her because she does not know the meaning of "be easy," which we say a million times a day. Lets just say Hogan knows all the good hiding places in the house.

Smiley Toes

Karson loves smiley faces. When she is coloring or drawing she wants us to draw smiley faces and she has actually gotten quite good at drawing them herself. Yes - we even drew smiley faces on her toes. That probably was not a great idea because then she wanted me to draw smiley faces all over her body - which we did not do!!

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Cold Feet

Karson got these frozen packs out of the freezer and decided to see how long she could stand on them. She would then run to us so we could feel her cold feet. She thought this was hilarious and we did too until she wanted us to try it!!

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

My New Tricycle

Nanny and Granddad got Karson a new tricyle to have at their house. She loved it so much, we got one for our house too. This is the neatest tricycle I have ever seen and Karson absolutely loves it. She goes around and around the driveway a million times.

Pajama Problems

Karson saw these pajamas in her closet and wanted to wear them. The problem was - they were 24 month and she is now wearing 3T. I could not even get them zipped but she was not going to be satisfied until she had them on. So, I cut out the feet, which upset her a little at first, but then she decided to wear the cut-out feet as house shoes. She is so silly!!

Green Tongue

Gotta love green cupcakes!!!