Saturday, May 23, 2009

Lovin the Pig Tails

Since Karson's hair has gotten longer, I have started putting it up in pig tails more. Especially with the weather getting hot. I know I am biased but I think she is the cutest thing ever!!!

Books, Books, and More Books

Last week I took Karson to the library for the first time. Karson loves watching Caillou on the Nick Jr. channel. On one episode last week, Caillou went to the library so Karson got interested and asked if we could go to the library. She loved it. She could not quite understand that we could not take all the books home. She finally settled on three "Max and Ruby" books and one "Franklin" book. She is already asking when we are going back. I am going to try and make this a weekly trip since she enjoyed it so much.

Big Helper

Karson is Ms. Independent. She wants to do everything by herself. She got a pair of Dyran's gloves and had to help me plant flowers. As you can see, more dirt got on the deck that it did in the pots. But.... must admit that part of that mess was mine because I knocked the hanging planter off the side of the house:::)))

Friday, May 8, 2009

Karson's First Plane Ride

A few weeks ago Karson took her first plane ride to Puerto Rico. I had a conference there for work and Karson and mom went with me. I was a little nervous about the plane because I had no idea how Karson would react. She did great!!! Honestly - she could not have been any better. She was not scared in the least which actually surprised me because she is often skiddish with new things. Especially new, big things. She acted a little nervous when we first arrived at the airport but by the time we went through security, she was fine. She loved looking out of the window. Before we took off she kept saying, "I want to go real hard." Of course she meant real fast. She could not quite understand why she had to stay in her seat when the seatbelt light was on but I had plenty of things to entertain her. I had a backpack loaded with snacks, toys, books, DVDs, crayons, etc and they all came in handy. We had a lay-over in Atlanta and then the flight from Atlanta to Puerto Rico was almost 4 hours which is long for me, not to mention a 2 year old. Believe it or not, she did not sleep any on the way there and only 45 minutes on the way home. She is just not a sleeper:) When we were landing, we were pretty low to the ground and she said, "those houses better watch out or we gonna hit them." Now when we see a plane she says, "I rode on that with Mama and MeMe."

Karson and MeMe

Notice the bear and baby buckled in with her!

Snack Time!

We Finally Arrived

By the time we arrived in Puerto Rico, Karson was worn out.

Sleeping during trip to the hotel.

WHEW!!! Thank goodness we are here!!

Karson slept on the way to the hotel and then a few hours after

we got to the hotel.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Fun In Puerto Rico!!

We stayed at the Rio Mar Beach Resort and Hotel and it was beautiful. The hotel had a great family pool with a water slide (which Karson could not decide if she liked or not). As soon as we got up in the mornings Karson would say, "I am ready to go swimmin." She played so hard but she only took a nap one day. Like I said, she is not a sleeper.

This is our first night there in the hot tub.

Iguanas walked around there like squirrels. We went with a group of other kids and fed the iguanas lettuce. They would come up to us like ducks. Karson even got to pet one of them.

During the day they played loud music and had water aerobics for the kids. Karon participated as best she could.

When Karson gets tired, she wants juice and LaLa. You can see her obsession with LaLa's tail. It cracks me up how she rubs the tail on her feet.

MeMe got Karson this camera and she loved it. This cat roamed around at one of the outside restuarants and Karson kept chasing it around to take its picture.

More juice and LaLa!!

Taking pictures of the Iguana.

I love this litte hat!!!

View from our Balcony.

This was our first experience with trying to get Karson to walk in the sand.
She would have nothing to do with it. She does not like for her feet to be dirty
so I guess she associated the sand with dirt.

But...she finally did it. YEA!!! We got to an area where the sand
was really packed down and I told her it was concrete. She
started walking on the hard sand and then slowly got to where
she would walk on all the sand.
When she first saw the ocean she said, "it that
water gonna get us." She did not like the waves
coming at her.

"Mmmm...I am not so sure about this ocean."
Karson loves to play with the phone and act
like she is calling people. She will just talk and
talk and carry on full conversations. She has
a huge imagination.